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Let's get to know each other

I'm Julie, your Color Street Stylist and beauty expert. You can find me at home in my leggings and t-shirt sipping Starbucks while raising my 4 kiddos and slaying the nail and beauty game. I'm here for all your nail and beauty needs.

You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.

- Song of Songs 4:7

It's an Innovative Beauty Brand

So what is Color Street?!?




Take A Look

Nail Care

Make Up

The Nails

The Possibilities are Endless!

100% Real Nail Polish

Average Wear 10-14 days

No Tools, No Heat, No Lights, No Dry Time,

No Smudges or Streaks

Easy & Affordable


Mix & Match

Buy 3 Get 1 free!

No matter your nail problem

we've nailed the solution



Spotlight luz eani


Spotlight luz eani
Spotlight luz eani
Spotlight luz eani


Nail care just got easier...


Problem - Solution -

Desire to avoid dangers of acetone

CS Mineral Nail Polish Remover

Get naked with ease and peace of mind. Formulated to add moisture to the nails!

A hardening nail strengthener that can also be used as a base and/or top coat

Restores moisture for youthful-looking, nourished hands

An ultra-hydrating Cuticle Oil to keep your tips in tip top shape!




Problem - Solution -

Problem - Solution -

Problem - Solution -

Dry, cracked or aging hands

CS Hand Lotion

Dry, cracked cutciles, hangnails

CS Cuticle Oil

Brittle and/or weak nails

CS Nail Strengthener

Let's get Cheeky!


Cheek Collection







But wait, there's more!

Lip Collection


3 different finishes

+ more from our

Lip Collection



4 different shades


Take a look at what they look like on:


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Easter Egg

Mani Thanks!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my small business. Color Street is a family affair for us! It’s one of the many reasons I said “YES” to becoming a stylist! I love the ability to work from home & still be full time mommy!

My point is, this is so much more than nail polish. It’s a huge part of our family. I hope you feel our gratitude each time you look down at your pretty nails!

Do you want

free nails and nail care products?

Getting spoiled has never been easier!

On the Go Parties!!

What is



The On the Go (OTG) party is the most fun way for all the busy babes to spread the nail love with their friends and family without having one of those typical facebook parties and get rewards with all the same goodies!


Become a hostess

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There's still more!

What if you

could earn free products, get paid on your sales from sharing and spreading the beauty love, and be a part of a community that will support and cheer you on from day 1?

Read my story then take a look at what it could mean for you

When I was a freshman in college. I was completely lost as to what to do with my life. What should I study? What am I passionate about?

I was talking to my youth minister about it and she asked me, what do you love doing? I told her I love women’s ministry. There was something on my heart that just wants to help other women know their beauty, to know they are so loved, that they are capable of achieving great things.

Fast forward to post college, married, a stay at home mom, working a business from home that I felt like I was failing at and still feel like something is missing. That business consumed me and I didn’t want that life anymore. I still wanted to help other women in a more impactful way. I wanted to empower other women. I began to search it out.

I took a leap and stopped that one small business and started up another one, hello nails! One where I could help other women feel beautiful and confident with something easy that saved them time and money. One where I could truly impact the lives of women; to show them their true beauty, to show them they are cared for and loved, that they are capable of achieving great things.

Today, I am finally doing what I wanted to do freshman year of college, women’s ministry.

I am a momprenuer helping moms create their dream lives through prayer, simplicity and the the art of social selling.

What comes in the kit?

just $129 USD!


Triangle Geometric Shape

No Sales Minimums

9 Nail Strips

50 Testers

1 Box of Prep Pads

1 Large Nail File + 1 Nail Buffer

1 Hand Lotion + 1 Cuticle Oil

1 Lipstick + 1 Lip Liner

1 Tinted Lip Balm

1 Powder Blush

1 Balm Blush

25 Catalogs

25 Opportunity Brochures

25 Cheek Brochures

Stylist Launch Guide

Tote Bag

now let’s look at how you get paid!

Getting Paid

Compensation Plan

Base Commission

Enhanced Commission

Make 15-35% off every purchase (including your own)

the minute you join!

*All new stylists make base 25% for their first 95 days!

More ways to earn!!

weekly pay


jumpstart rewARDS






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Incole Disclosure Statement

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The perks continue

get rewarded even more with

jumpstart rewards

you can earn more free nails and even a cash bonus when you get your business started with a bang!


lEarn more or sign up today

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Incentive trips

Our next trip is to Jamaica. Let’s get you there!

A team of women here to support you, pray for you and cheer you on!


Monthly Incentives

Between the company and the team, there are always opportunities to earn extras like cash bonuses, swag items or free products